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Pain on the Brain: CLBB Posts on Pain Neuroimaging & Law

Posted by on Monday, August 3, 2015 in Around the Web, Neuroimaging, Neurolaw, Uncategorized.

The Center for Law, Brain & Behavior, along with the Petrie-Flom Center at Harvard Law School, is hosting a series of pain neuroimaging and law posts:

Pain on the Brain: A Week of Guest Posts on Pain Neuroimaging & Law by Amanda C. Pustilnik:

Pain-o-meters: How – and Why – Should We Develop Them? by Karen Davis:

Some Optimism on Brains, Pain, & Law – Let’s See What We Can Achieve by Martha Farah:

Emotion and Pain – Beyond “All in Your Head” by David Seminowicz:

Emotional Harm as “Bodily Injury” in the Law – and in the Brain by Francis X. Shen:

An ELSI Program for Pain Research: A Call to Action by Diane Hoffmann:

Of Algorithms, Algometry, and Others: Pain Measurement & The Quantification of Distrust by Frank Pasquale:

Neuroimaging as Evidence of Pain: It’s Time to Prepare by Henry T. Greely:

What Should the Future Look Like for Brain-Based Pain Imaging in the Law? Three Eminent Scholars Weigh In by Amanda C. Pustilnik: