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October 19, 2023

This message brings news about:
A) Recent Neurolaw Publications
B) MSU Neuroscience and Law Seminar Series
C) Neuroscience and Law Graduate Seeking Part/Full-Time Position


A. Recent Neurolaw Publications   

Thomas Salazar, The Myth of Youth: Rethinking the Negligence Standard of Care for Minors in the Age of Neuroscience, 54 U. Pac. L. Rev 141 (2023).

Janet K. Brewer, Mounting an Maoa Genetic Defense to Homicide: What Defense Attorneys Need to Know, 46 Am. J. Trial Advoc. 173 (2022).

Valentine Ugwuoke, Neurotechnology and the Law; Privacy and Security Concerns, LSN Law & Neuroscience eJournal (2023) (Student Paper).

Miquel Julià-Pijoan, La Pruebapenal De Los Estados Mentales Desde La “Neurotecnología”: ¿Ya Es Una Realidad? [Criminal Evidence of Mental States from Neurotechnology: Is it Already a Reality?], LSN Law & Neuroscience eJournal (2023) (in Spanish).


B. MSU Neuroscience and Law Seminar Series

The Michigan State University Neuroscience and Law program is seeking academics and professionals to participate in a seminar series wherein they discuss the ethical, legal, and social implications of neuroscientific research, and share the experiences they have had with neurotechnology in their respective fields. This is an asynchronous online program such that lectures are prerecorded, and discussions had online in the week that follows. The seminar course will be offered in the upcoming Spring term, starting January 2024. Information about the program can be found here: If interested in participating, or if you have any questions, please contact Program Director Michael Koval at


C. Neuroscience and Law Graduate Seeking Part/Full-Time Position

My name is Sun Young Won and I am a recent graduate of Boston University with a background in neuroscience and law. I am currently seeking a part-time or full-time position in research, public policy, or health law. I hold a master's degree in neuroscience in addition to a law degree both in the US and South Korea. I have a deep passion and interest in neuroimaging studies and psychiatric research. I hope to find a position where I can combine my background in science and law. I am looking for a position to contribute my analytical skills and diverse experiences to the important work in healthcare research, policy, and compliance to help find ways to bring these fields together.  I welcome the opportunity to connect with those open to having an information interview or discussing potential opportunities with me. I can be reached at I look forward to connecting. Thank you!



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