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December 19, 2023

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A) Behavioral Sciences & the Law: Call for Papers

A. Behavioral Sciences & the Law: Call for Papers

Behavioral Sciences & the Law is excited to announce a forthcoming special issue on "Neuroimaging and Forensically Relevant Conditions." This issue aims to provide an up-to-date review of neuroimaging research focusing on mental conditions relevant to forensic psychology and psychiatry. The call for submissions welcomes original research, literature reviews, meta-analyses, and scholarly analyses of legal and admissibility aspects. Topics include the use of quantitative MRI data in predicting variables such as recidivism, dementia, and substance use, as well as assessing pain, developmental age, and traumatic brain injury. The special issue also addresses fetal alcohol or drug-related effects on the brain and the scientific validity of using fMRI to detect a defendant's knowledge of a crime. Manuscript submissions are accepted until April 1, 2024. To download the attachment, please visit Call for Papers. For convenience, a PDF is HERE.



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