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February 28, 2022

This message brings news about:       

  1. Recent Neurolaw Publications
  2. Forthcoming Publication
  3. Training Course Every Monday in March, Location in Argentina and Virtual – “Espacios de Progresión de las Neurociencias en el Derecho”

A. Recent Neurolaw Publications  

  1. Mark Bartholomew,  Copyright and the Creative Process , 97 Notre Dame L. Rev. 357, 357-416 (2021).
  2. Ruben Knehans, Teresa Schuhmann, David Roef, Hans Nelen, Joost à Campo & Jill Lobbestael,  Modulating Behavioural and Self-Reported Aggression with Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation: A Literature Review , 12 Brain Scis. 1, 1-22 (2022). 
  3. Takeshi Asamizuya, Hiroharu Saito, Ryosuke Higuchi, Go Naruse, Shozo Ota & Junko Kato,  Effective Connectivity and Criminal Sentencing Decisions: Dynamic Causal Models in Laypersons and Legal Experts , 00 Cerebral Cortex 1, 1-13 (2022).
  4. Jan Christoph Bublitz,  Novel Neurorights: From Nonsense to Substance , 15 Neuroethics 1, 1-15 (2022).
  5. Eric García-López, José M. Muñoz & Roberto Andorno, Editorial,  Neurorights and Mental Freedom: Emerging Challenges to Debates on Human Dignity and Neurotechnologies , 15 Front. Hum. 823570 (2021).
  6. John Zarrilli, Note,  Paving the Way for Mind-Reading: Reinterpreting “Coercion” in Article 17 of the Third Geneva Convention , 17 Duke J. Const. L. & Pub. Pol’y Sidebar 1, 1-30 (2021). 


B. Forthcoming Publication

  1. Sandy Xie, Colleen M. Berryessa & Farah Focquaert,  The Impact of Neuromorality on Punishment: Retribution or Rehabilitation? ,  in  The Palgrave Handbook on the Philosophy of Punishment (M. Altman ed., forthcoming 2022).


C. Training Course Every Monday in March, Location in Argentina and Virtual – “Espacios de Progresión de las Neurociencias en el Derecho”

Location:  Salta, Argentina and Virtual 

Dates:  March 7, 2022; March 14, 2022; March 21, 2022; March 28, 2022

Time:  5 pm – 6:30 pm




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