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September 1, 2023

This message brings news about:
A) Recent Neurolaw Publications
B) Dana Foundation Career Network in Neuroscience & Society 


A. Recent Neurolaw Publications  

  1. Colby Birkes, Epilepsy Driving Laws: Seizing Fiction over Fact?, 61 U. Louisville L. Rev. 649 (2023).
  2. Benjamin A. Barsky and Michael Ashley Stein, The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Neuroscience, and Criminal Legal Capacity, 10 J.L. & Biosciences 1 (2023).
  3. Aiden Fel, The Pros and Cons of Neuroscience in the Legal System, 44 BIFOCAL 90 (2023).
  4. Sjors Ligthart, Emma Dore-Horgan and Gerben Meynen, The Various Faces of Vulnerability: Offering Neurointerventions to Criminal Offenders, 10 J.L. & Biosciences 1 (2023).
  5. Masanori Kataoka, Tsung-Ling Lee, and Tsutomu Sawai, The Legal Personhood of Human Brain Organoids, 10 J.L. & Biosciences 1 (2023).
  6. The Honorable Cherron Payne, All Cases Matter: Mitigating Bias in the Administrative Law Judiciary, 43 J. Nat'l Ass'n Admin. L. Judiciary 1 (2023).
  7. Marta Sosa Navarro, Salvador Dura-Bernal, Human Rights Systems of Protection from Neurotechnologies That Alter Brain Activity, 15 Drexel L. Rev. 893 (2023).
  8. Robert I. Field, The Data We Leave Behind: Limits of Legal Protections for Neurotechnology and Genomic Data, 15 Drexel L. Rev. 769 (2023).
  9. Clare Stark, Is A Global Governance Framework Necessary for Neurotechnology?, 15 Drexel L. Rev. 757 (2023).
  10. Thibault Moulin, No More Humans? Cybernetically-Enhanced Soldiers Under the Legal Review of Article 36, 8 J.L. & Cyber Warfare 59 (2022).
  11. Nathan Skinner, Monica A. Leyva, and James Giordano, On the Viability and Potential Value of Current and Emerging Neuroscience and Technologies to the Practice of Forensic Science, 11 European Society of Medicine 7.2 (2023).


B. Dana Foundation Career Network in Neuroscience & Society

  1. The Dana Foundation is launching its new Career Network in Neuroscience & Society, which seeks to expand and diversify the students, scholars, and practitioners in neuroscience and society fields by recruiting and amplifying new voices, creating and communicating new opportunities, and connecting people and opportunities to catalyze new careers. For more information, please visit
  2. The Dana Foundation Career Network in Neuroscience & Society is hosting a virtual career fair for those interested in careers at the nexus of neuroscience and society. Presentations will be given by leading experts in neuroscience and society, followed by breakout room networking opportunities with professionals in rapidly emerging neuroscience & society fields, such as neuroethics, neuroeconomics, educational neuroscience, neuromarketing and neurolaw. For more information, please visit



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