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February 3, 2014

This message brings news about:
A) Recent or Forthcoming Neurolaw Publications
B) Neurolaw Media & News Clippings

A.  Recent or Forthcoming Neurolaw Publications  

    1. Martha J. Farah, J. Benjamin Hutchinson, Elizabeth A. Phelps & Anthony D. Wagner, Functional MRI-based Lie Detection: Scientific and Societal Challenges , 15(2) Nature Reviews Neuroscience 123 (2014). 
    2. Alexandra O. Cohen and B.J. Casey, Rewiring Juvenile Justice: The Intersection of Developmental Neuroscience and Legal Policy , 18(2) Trends in Cognitive Sciences 63 (2014). 
    3. Daniel L. Schacter & Elizabeth F. Loftus, Memory and Law: What Can Cognitive Neuroscience Contribute? 16(2) Nature Neuroscience 119 (2013). 
    4. Andrea L. Glenn & Adrian Raine, Neurocriminology: Implications for the Punishment, Prediction and Prevention of Criminal Behaviour , 15 Nature Reviews Neuroscience 54 (2014). 
    5. Peter A. Alces, Naturalistic Contract , in Commercial Contract Law: Transatlantic Perspectives, Cambridge University Press, Larry A. DiMatteo, Qi Zhou, Severine Saintier, Keith Rowley eds., (2013). 
    6. Rodney K. Smith, Solving the Concussion Problem and Saving Professional Football , 35(2) Thomas Jefferson L. Rev. 127 (2013). 
    7. Teresa Stanton Collett, Previability Abortion and the Pain of the Unborn , Washington and Lee L. Rev. (Forthcoming 2014). 
    8. T. Muramatsu, Neuropsychological Testing in Medicolegal Cases , 115(10) Seishin Shinkeigaku       Zasshi 1051 (2013). 
    9. Neurolaw in Nederland [Neurolaw in the Netherlands], 88 Nederlands Juristenblad 3126 (2013). 

B.  Neurolaw Media & News Clippings

  1. Congratulations to Stephen J. Morse, 2014 Isaac Ray Award Recipient:  The American Psychiatric Association will present this prestigious award to Morse at the Association’s 167th annual meeting in New York, May 3-7.  Stephen J. Morse is the Ferdinand Wakeman Hubbell Professor of Law; Professor of Psychology and Law in Psychiatry; Associate Director, Center for Neuroscience & Society at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  He is also a Member of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience.  To read the full award announcement, visit:
  2. Congratulations to Marcus E.  Raichle, Winner of the Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize:  “The UNC School of Medicine has awarded the 14th Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize to Marcus Raichle, MD, a neurologist from Washington University in St. Louis who has made remarkable research       findings about the persistent brain activity of our at-rest minds.”  Marcus E. Raichle is also a Member of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience.  To read the full prize announcement, visit:
  3. The New York Times Covers Two Brain Death Cases: The New York Times published a story recently about two recent brain death cases.  Titled “At Issue in 2 Wrenching Cases: What to Do After the Brain Dies,” the article considers the diagnoses of brain death, the medical treatment, and family wishes surrounding the cases of Jahi McMath and Marlise Muñoz.  To read the full article, visit


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