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May 9, 2013

This message brings news about:

A) Recent or Forthcoming Neurolaw Publications
B) Neurolaw Media & News Clippings
C) Conferences & Speaker Series

A.  Recent or Forthcoming Neurolaw Publications  

    1. Bibliography Milestone: Over 1,000 Sources
      a.  We are pleased to announce the Law and Neuroscience Bibliography now includes more than 1,000 entries .  Our goal is to keep the bibliography up-to-date and the most comprehensive resource for law and neuroscience publications.  If you are aware of any scholarly law and neuroscience publications not already included on the bibliography, please contact Sarah Grove ( with any suggestions for inclusion. 
    2. Adam B. Shniderman, The Devil's Advocate: Using Neuroscientific Evidence in International Criminal Trials? 38 Brook. J. Int'l L. 655 (2013). 
    3. Geoffrey Christopher Rapp, Suicide, Concussions, and the NFL , 8 FIU Law Review (Forthcoming 2013). 
    4. Warren Binford, Criminal Capacity and the Teenage Brain: Insights from Neurological Research ,       14(3) The Dynamics of Youth Justice & the Convention on the Rights of the Child in South Africa 1 (2012).                                               

B.  Neurolaw Media & News Clippings  

    1. Neuroscience, Prediction, and Law – The New York Academy of Sciences recently interviewed   Professors Kent Kiehl and Owen Jones for a Science & the City Podcast.  The podcast discussed “the developing role of neuroscience in the legal system” and focused on the recent PNAS publication, Neuroprediction of Future Rearrest.  To access this podcast, visit:       

C.  Conferences & Speaker Series  

    1. Genetics, Ethics, and the Law:  On May 22-23, 2013, University of Virginia School of Law will host this third national conference.  Other sponsors for this event include University of Virginia School of Medicine, The American Society of Human Genetics, and the National Society of Genetic Counselors.  To learn more about this conference, visit:       
    2. 2013 International Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting: The next INS Annual Meeting will be held in San Diego, CA on November 7 and 8, 2013.  To access a preliminary schedule, visit:  The Society also welcomes abstracts reporting recent results in the field of neuroethics and related topics.  The deadline to submit is May   31, 2013.  Investigators at any career stage are encouraged to  submit abstracts. Selections will be made based on content, available  space and overall program balance. For more information, visit:       
    3. Brains on Trial: Neuroscience and Law:  The World Science Festival will hold a panel on June 1, 2013 based on the two-part PBS special, “Brains on Trial with  Alan Alda,” scheduled for broadcast on September 11 and 18, 2013 at  10PM (EST).  Alan Alda will moderate and panelists will include Nita A. Farahany, Jay N. Giedd, Kent Kiehl, Jed S. Rakof, and Anthony D. Wagner.  To learn more about this event, visit:  To learn more about the PBS special, visit:      

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