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October 22, 2012

The Vanderbilt JD/PhD joint degree in Law and Neuroscience is happy to announce that one full-tuition law school scholarship has been put into place this year for a person admitted to both the Vanderbilt Brain Institute and Vanderbilt Law School who will begin the JD/PhD track in Fall 2013.   Kindly pass the word to anyone who may be interested.  Further details appear below, and at this link:

The scholarship will apply to each semester that the student is enrolled in the law school while continuing in the joint degree.  To be eligible for the full-tuition law scholarship, the student must either: 1) apply and be admitted this year (2012-13) to both the law school and the Brain Institute, or 2) be a first-year student at the Brain Institute who is admitted to the law school during this admission cycle (2012-13) and who commits to enroll at the law school in Fall 2013 in the joint degree program. 

A new JD admit enrolling in the law school in Fall 2013 who intends to apply to the Brain Institute during 2013-14 will not be eligible for this scholarship, but would be eligible for other law school scholarships for their studies at the law school.  A JD transfer will not be eligible for this scholarship, as these funds can only be awarded to a student entering the first year of JD studies at Vanderbilt.

The JD application deadline is April 1st.  Prospective students can take the LSAT in December or February.  Interested applicants are always welcome to contact the Vanderbilt Law School Admissions office directly for information about the law school and assistance with applying: or (615)322-6452.  Other inquiries about the JD/PhD program can be directed to Prof. Owen Jones ( ) at

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