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December 19, 2013

This message brings news about:
A) Recent or Forthcoming Neurolaw Publications
B) Neurolaw Media & News Clippings
C) Conferences & Speaker Series

A.  Recent or Forthcoming Neurolaw Publications  

    1. Research Network Knowledge Brief: Network Overview

The MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience has recently released a brief Network Overview , which highlights the research of the Network in the areas of mental states, adolescent development, and evidence.  

Network Overview is available here: /networkoverview.pdf 

    1. Gideon Yaffe, Neurologic Disorder and Criminal Responsibility, Handbook of Clinical Neurology,       Vol. 118 (3rd series) Ethical and Legal Issues in Neurology 345 (J.L. Bernat & R. Beresford, Eds, Elsevier, 2013). 
    2. Ilina Singh, Walter P. Sinnott-Armstrong, and Julian Savulecu (eds). Bioprediction, Biomarkers, and Bad Behavior: Scientific, Legal, and Ethical Challenges , Oxford University Press (2013). 
    3. Matthias Mahlmann, Neuroscience and the Law: Concerns, Questions and Promises, Bulletin Vereinigung der Schweizerischen Hochschuldozierenden 44 (2011). 
    4. Sabine Müller, Henrik Walter, & Markus Christen, When Benefitting a Patient Increases the Risk for Harm for Third Persons - The Case of Treating Pedophilic Parkinsonian Patients with Deep Brain Stimulation , Int J Law Psychiatry (2013). 
    5. James E. Ryan , Poverty as Disability and the Future of Special Education Law , 101 Geo. L.J.       1455 (2013). 
    6. Sarah Becker, A Glimpse into the Future? The Current, Potential, and Appropriate Role of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Evidence as a Predictor of Dangerousness in the American Criminal Sentencing Context , University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Master of Laws Thesis (2013).                  
    7. Ullrich Wagner, Karim N’Diaye, Thomas Ethofer, Patrik Vuilleumier, Guilt-Specific Processing in the Prefrontal Cortex , 21 Cerebral Cortex 2461 (2011).  

B.  Neurolaw Media & News Clippings

    1. “University of Pennsylvania offers a boot camp on brain science” Kevin Davis recentlypublished an article in the American Bar Association Journal about the University of Pennsylvania Neuroscience Boot Camp.  To read the piece, visit:
    2. “Neuroscience Is Getting Its Day in Court, Whether It’s Ready or Not” – Greg Miller recently published an article on Wired about the use of brain scanning technology in court.  To read the piece, visit:       
    3. “Did Brain Scans Just Save a Convicted Murderer From the Death Penalty?” – Greg Miller also recently published a piece on Wired about the use of brain scanning evidence and the sentencing of John McCluskey.  To read the article, visit:      

C.  Conferences & Speaker Series  

    1. Law and Neuroscience:  Revising the Legal Standard for Insanity:  The European University Institute and the Centre for Judicial Cooperation are co-sponsoring Law and Neuroscience:  Revising the Legal Standard for Insanity  on June 6 – 7, 2014 at Sala Europa, Villa Schifanoia.  The       conference program will be announced soon.  For more information, please click here.  


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