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A. Awards and Recognitions 
B. Recent Neurolaw Publications 
C. Forthcoming Publications 
D. Job Opportunities  


A. Awards and Recognitions

Francis Shen, member of the Law and Neuroscience Research Network, has been awarded the American Law Institute’s Early Career Scholars Medal. The award recognizes outstanding law professors whose work is relevant to public policy and has the potential to influence improvements in the law.  

Professor Shen is a Professor of Law and McKnight Presidential Fellow at the University of Minnesota Law School, where his scholarship focuses on empirical and interdisciplinary research at the intersection of law and the brain sciences. He is co-author of the first law coursebook on law and neuroscience and has explored the implications of cognitive neuroscience for criminal law, tort, and legislation in the United States. His additional research areas of focus are criminal law and crime policy, and education law and policy.


B. Recent Neurolaw Publications  

  1. Emily R.D. Murphy & Jesse Rissman,  Evidence of Memory from Brain Data , J. L. & Biosciences1, 1-58 (2020).  

  2. Eric García-López,  Derecho Penal y Neurociencia (2020). 

  3. Nathaniel E. Anderson & Kent A. Kiehl,  Re-wiring Guilt: How Advancing Neuroscience Encourages Strategic Interventions Over Retributive Justice , 11 Frontiers Psych. Article 390 (2020). 

  4. Tuomas K. Pernu & Nadine Elzein,  From Neuroscience to Law: Bridging the Gap , 11 Frontiers Psych. Article 1862 (2020). 

  5. Andrew McWilliams, Stephen M. Fleming, Anthony S. David, & Gareth Owen, The Use of Neuroscience and Psychological Measurement in England's Court of Protection , 11 Frontiers Psychiatry Article 570709 (2020).  

  6. Tony Ward, Carolyn Wilshire, & Lucy Jackson,  The Contribution of Neuroscience to Forensic Explanation , 24 Psych. Crime L. 195, 195-209 (2018). 

  7. Sidhartha Sekhar Dash, Harish Chandra Padhi, & Biswadeep Das,  Neurolaw: A Jurisprudential Analysis 7 Eur. J. Molecular & Clinical Med. 1546, 1546-1560 (2020). 

  8. Jonathan Baker, Note,   The Advent of Effortless Expression: An Examination of the Copyrightability of BCI-Encoded Brain Signals ,150 Minn. L. Rev. 389, 389-427 (2020). 

C. Forthcoming Publications

  1. Stephen Morse,  Internal and External Challenges to Culpability , 53 Ariz. State L. J.(forthcoming 2021). 

  2. Alison Lynch & Michael L. Perlin, 'I See What Is Right and Approve, But I Do What Is Wrong': Psychopathy and Punishment in the Context of Racial Bias in the Age of Neuroimaging , 25 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. (forthcoming 2021). 

D. Job Opportunities

Post-Doctoral Research in Bioethics

This opportunity is a full-time appointment (100%) as a post-doctoral researcher for a period of 2 years, within the Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law (Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, KU Leuven). The starting date can be negotiated. A post-doctoral researcher will be hired on a bilateral Flanders (Belgium) - Canada project funded through the Research Foundation Flanders on the ethical aspects related to the research use of crowdsourced medical data for biomedical research.  

You can apply for this job no later than March 31, 2021 via the online application tool

Project Manager in Online Education on Research Ethics

This opportunity is a full-time appointment (100%) for a minimum period of 1.5 years, within the Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law (Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, KU Leuven). A project manager will be hired to develop the content of a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) focused on research ethics; to develop evaluation strategies for students participating in this course; to coordinate the project team and assure a timely development and implementation of the course; and to work in close collaboration with the KU Leuven MOOC-team for the didactical and technical development of the course. 

You can apply for this job no later than March 31, 2021 via the online application tool

Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law Contact Information

Dr. Pascal Borrytel 
T: +32 16 37 95 17 

Student Volunteers 

My name is Sonia Subramaniam. I'm a sophomore at Vanderbilt University double majoring in Neuroscience and Spanish on the Pre-Law Track. I'm fascinated by the intersection of neuroscience and law, and I hope to pursue a career in the emerging field of neurolaw. I'm currently looking to get involved in neurolaw research in any way possible. If anyone is looking for volunteers to work on neurolaw related projects (in-person or remote), I would love to help. I can be reached via email at


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