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A) Recent Neurolaw Publications 
B) Notable Working Paper 


A. Recent Neurolaw Publications

  1. Huda Akil,  The Brain in Isolation: A Neuroscientist's Perspective on Solitary Confinement inSolitary Confinement: Effects, Practices, and Pathways Toward Reform199 (Jules Lobel & Peter Scharff Smith eds., 2020). 

  2. Cristina Scarpazza, Ilaria Zampieri, Alessio Miolla, Giulia Melis, Pietro Pietrini & Giuseppe Sartori,  A Multidisciplinary Approach to Insanity Assessment as a Way to Reduce Cognitive Biases , 319 Forensic Sci. Int'l1, 1-9 (2020). 

  3. Cristina Scarpazza, Livio Finos, Sarah Genon, Laura Masiero, Elena Bortolato, Camilla Cavaliere, Jessica Pezzaioli, Merylin Monaro, Nicolò Navarin, Umberto Battaglia, Pietro Pietrini, Stefano Ferracuti, Giuseppe Sartori & Andrea S. Camperio Ciani,  Idiopathic and Acquired Pedophilia as Two Distinct Disorders: An Insight from Neuroimaging , Brain Imaging & Behav.(2021). 
  4. Cristina Scarpazza, Alessio Miolla, Ilaria Zampieri, Giulia Melis, Giuseppe Sartori, Stefano Ferracuti & Pietro Pietrini,  Translational Application of a Neuro-Scientific Multi-Modal Approach into Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation: Why and How? , 12 Frontiers Psychiatry Article 597918 (2021). 

  5. E. Lea Johnston & Vincent T. Leahey,  The Status and Legitimacy of M’Naghten’s Insane Delusion Rule , 54 U.C. Davis L. Rev.1777, 1777-1852 (2021). 


B. Notable Working Paper 

  1. Zhihao Zhang, Maxwell Good, Vera Kulikov, Femke van Horen, Andrew Kayser & Ming Hsu,  Toward a Neuroscientifically Informed “Reasonable Person” Test  (Jul. 8, 2021) (unpublished manuscript) (on file with SSRN).


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