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February 3, 2020

This message brings news about:                                          

A)    Recent Neurolaw Publications
B)    Forthcoming Publications
C)    Announcements


A.    Recent Neurolaw Publications   

  1. R.R. Darby, J. Joutsa, M.J. Burke, & M.D. Fox, Lesion Network Localization of Free Will , 115 Proc. of the Nat’l Acad. of Sci. of the U.S. of Am. 42 (2018).
  1. Vivian E. Hamilton, Play Now, Pay Later?: Youth and Adolescent Collision Sports , 71 Hastings L.J. 151 (2019).
  1. Julia Wolpert, Concussions and Contracts: The National Football League’s Limitations to Protecting its Players from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy , 33 J.L. & Health 1 (2019).
  1. John T. Phillipsborn, Lawyering Competence to Stand Trial with an Eye on Neuroscience , 43-Nov Champion 44 (2019).
  1. Deborah W. Denno & Ryan Surujnath, Forward: Rise of the Machines: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and the Reprogramming of Law , 88 Fordham L.R. 381 (2019).
  1. Elisabetta Sirgiovanni & Mirko Daniel Garasic, Commentary: The Moral Bioenhancement of Psychopaths , J. Med. Ethics 43 (2017).
  1. Nadège Bault & Elena Rusconi, The Art of Influencing Consumer Choices: A Reflection on Recent Advances in Decision Neuroscience , Front. Psychol. Jan. 2020.
  1. Gabe Haarsma, Sasha Davenport, Devonte C. White, Pablo A. Ormachea, Erin Sheena, & David M. Eagleman, Assessing Risk Among Correctional Community Probation Populations: Predicting Reoffense with Mobile Neurocognitive Assessment Software , Front. Psychol. Jan. 2020.
  1. Jesper Ryberg, Neurointerventions, Crime, and Punishment: Ethical Considerations, (Oxford U. Press., Ed. 2019).
  1. Andrea S. Camperio Ciani, Cristina Scarpazza, Valeria Covelli, & Umberto Battaglia, Profiling Acquired Pedophilic Behavior: Retrospective Analysis of 66 Italian Forensic Cases of Pedophilia , 67 Int'l J. L. & Psychiatry (2019).
  1. John A. Humbach, Do Criminal Minds Cause Crime? Neuroscience and the Physicalism Dilemma , 12 Wash. U. Juris. R. 1 (2019).
  1. Andrea M. Matwyshyn, The Internet of Bodies , 61 Wm. & Mary L.R. (2019).
  1. Zoe Jordan, The Roper Extension: A California Perspective , 71 Hastings L.J. 197 (2019).
  1. Nita A. Farahany, The Costs of Changing Our Minds , 69 Emory L.J. 75 (2019).
  1. Katharine Silbaugh, The Legal Design for Parenting Concussion Risk , 53 U. Cal. Davis L.R. 197 (2019).
  1. Debra Austin, Windmills of Your Mind: Understanding the Neurobiology of Emotion , 54 Wake Forest L.R. 931 (2019).
  1. Steven I. Friedland, Fire and Ice: Reframing Emotion and Cognition in the Law , 54 Wake Forest L.R. 1001 (2019).

B.     Forthcoming Publications

  1. Eve Hanan, Incapacitating Errors: Sentencing and the Science of Change , 97 Denver L.R. No. 1 (forthcoming 2020).
  2. Leda Tortora, Gerben Meynen, Johannes Bijlsma, Enrico Tronci, & Stefano Ferracuti, Neuroprediction and A.I. in Forensic Psychiatry & Criminal Justice: a Neurolaw Perspective , Front. Psychol. (provisionally accepted)


C.    Announcements

Looking for Patent Attorney for Panel

The Neuroscience Club at the University of South Carolina is hosting a panel for alternative careers aimed at those who pursued graduate degrees in neuroscience but are employed outside of academia. They are looking for a patent attorney or agent whose main focus in in neuroscience to come speak at the event which will be held late in Fall 2020. Please contact Dabriel Zimmerman for more information.


Call for Speaker to Discuss the Intersection of Neuroscience and the Law

The Neuroscience Club at the University of South Carolina is looking for a speaker to discuss the intersection of neuroscience and law. If interested, please contact Dabriel Zimmerman.

Seeking research/teaching position in Neurolaw
A prospective applicant seeks research (including post-doc)/teaching position in the area of Neurolaw. The applicant has recently finished his PhD in Law. His thesis was on empirical use of neuroscientific evidence in criminal courts of NSW, Australia. The applicant is interested in conducting research (or a post-doc position) and teaching Neurolaw. Please contact Dr. Armin Alimardani for further information.




Neurolaw News is produced by The MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience , headquartered at Vanderbilt Law School, 131 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203, under the directorship of Owen D. Jones.

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